The following is a list of terms used throughout the LinchPin documentation.

_ async/async

(boolean, default: False)

Used to enable asynchronous provisioning/teardown

c_timeout (int, default: 1000)

How long the resouce collection (formerly outputs_writer) process should wait

ck_mode/check_mode (boolean, default: no)

This option does nothing at this time, though it may eventually be used for dry-run functionality based upon the provider

ult_schemas_path (file_path, default: <lp_path>/defaults/<schemas_folder>)

default path to schemas, absolute path. Can be overridden by passing schema / schema_file.

ult_playbooks_path (file_path, default: <lp_path>/defaults/playbooks_folder>)

default path to playbooks location, only useful to the linchpin API and CLI

ult_layouts_path (file_path, default: <lp_path>/defaults/<layouts_folder>)

default path to inventory layout files

ult_topologies_path (file_path, default: <lp_path>/defaults/<topologies_folder>)

default path to topology files

ult_resources_path (file_path, default: <lp_path>/defaults/<resources_folder>, formerly: outputs)

default landing location for resources output data

ult_inventories_path (file_path, default: <lp_path>/defaults/<inventories_folder>)

default landing location for inventory outputs

Certan scripts can be called when a particular hook has been referenced in the PinFile. The currently available hooks are preup, postup, predestroy, and postdestroy.

ntory ntory_file If layout / layout_file is provided, this will be the location of the resulting ansible inventory.

hpin_config if passed on the command line with -c/--config, should be an ini-style config file with linchpin default configurations (see BUILT-INS below for more information)

ut ut_file YAML definition for providing an ansible (currently) static inventory file, based upon the provided topology.

uts_folder (file_path, default: layouts)

relative path to layouts

ath base path for linchpin playbooks and python api

nfig <lp_path>/linchpin.conf, unless overridden by linchpin_config

ut (boolean, default: True, previous: no_output)

Controls whether resources will be written to the resources_file

ile A YAML file consisting of a topology and an optional layout, among other options. This file is used by the linchpin command-line, or Python API to determine what resources are needed for the current action.

books_folder (file_path, default: provision)

relative path to playbooks, only useful to the linchpin API and CLI

ider A set of platform actions grouped together, which is provided by an external Ansible module. openstack would be a provider.

ision An action taken when resources are to be made available on a particular provider platform. Usually corresponds with the linchpin up command.

urces urces_file File with the resource outputs in a JSON formatted file. Useful for teardown (destroy,down) actions depending on the provider.

ma JSON description of the format for the topology.

(schema_v3, schema_v4 are still available)

mas_folder (file_path, default: schemas)

relative path to schemas

et Specified in the PinFile, the target references a topology and optional layout to be acted upon from the command-line utility, or Python API.

down An action taken when resources are to be made unavailable on a particular provider platform. Usually corresponds with the linchpin destroy command.

logies_folder (file_path, default: topologies)

relative path to topologies

logy logy_file A set of rules, written in YAML, that define the way the provisioned systems should look after executing linchpin.

Generally, the topology and topology_file values are interchangeable, except after the file has been processed.

logy_name Within a topology_file, the topology_name provides a way to identify the set of resources being acted upon.

space If provided, the above variables will be adjusted and mapped according to this value. Each path will use the following variables:

topology / topology_file = /<topologies_folder>
layout / layout_file = /<layouts_folder>
resources / resources_file = /resources_folder>
inventory / inventory_file = /<inventories_folder>

If the WORKSPACE environment variable is set, it will be used here. If it is not, this variable can be set on the command line with -w/--workspace, and defaults to the location of the PinFile bring provisioned.


schema is not affected by this pathing

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